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 table mirror - Vereinigte Werkstätten München attrib.

Germany | 1950s

hanging light - Kazuo Motozawa for Staff, Germany

Germany | 1960s

movex table - Jürg Bally for Wohnhilfe Zürich

Switzerland | 1950s


walnut wall unit - Nisse Strinning for String Design AB

Sweden | 1960s


"Lichtstruktur" - Trix & Robert Haussmann for Swisslamps International  

Switzerland | 1960s

walnut writing desk

Italy | 1960s

  easy chairs - SOLOFORM Series by Eugen Schmidt

Germany | 1960s

ash wall unit - Nisse Strinning for String Design AB

Sweden | 1960s

minimalist floor light w/ cobweb shade

Germany | 1960s


sputnik table light - Cosack Lights attrib.

Germany | 1960s

teak chair no. 77 - set of 4

Nils Moller for Moller Models 

Denmark | 1960s

metal wardrobe elements - Dieter Rams for Vitsoe

Germany | 1960s

teak wall unit | royal system - Poul Cadovius for CADO

 Denmark | 1960s


teak wall board | royal system - Poul Cadovius for CADO

Denmark | 1960s

ATOMIC hanging light - Cosack Lights

 Germany | 1960s


s p e c i a l s.

Nisse Strinning

- STRING - Bokhyllan "The Ladder Shelf"


The architect Nisse Strinning was born in 1917. From 1940 to 1947 he studied architecture in Stockholm, before he designed the legendary String shelving system. Since its launch in 1949, the String System has received more the 15 prestigious international awards.

The minimalistic and economical design is still timeless after 60years. String is simple to assemble and the shelves can be easily repositioned. Due to the 100s of combination options, string is perfect for any room.

This furniture can be considered as one of the icons of scandinavian design history.

Nisse Strinning passed by in 2006, but his legacy is still alive.

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